WhatsApp Business Platform (API)

Power up your business with team collaboration, marketing automation, interactive campaigns and personalised broadcasts on WhatsApp. 

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Why Do You Need
WhatsApp Business API?

Green Tick

Build customer confidence and avoid confusion with fake accounts


24/7 Chatbot, Keyword auto-reply and auto assignment for time saving

Team Collaboration

Seamlessly integrate multiple WhatsApp accounts with multi-user access


Send bulk messages without blocks, and schedule them in advance

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Send automated WhatsApp reminders for unchecked items, rescuing lost orders

Coupon Marketing

Coupons are available online and in-store, effectively increasing conversion rates

Streamline Your Workflow with Automated Customer Service through WhatsApp

Team Collaboration

Hassle-free communications across teams. Manage conversations simultaneously, auto-assign chats to  corresponding teammates, and fast follow up enquiries with internal notes.

No-code Chatbot

Simply build your automated Chatbot through Drag-and-Drop for customer support and segmentation. 

Double work efficiency by setting up automatic responses to frequently asked questions.

Customer Data Integration

Build your Social CRM by utilising WhatsApp and Chatbot. Collect customer social data, connect with your eCommerce platforms, CRM and payment systems, and scale your marketing strategies with a consolidated database.

Engage Your Customers with Conversational Marketing

  • Blast out mass messages to your target audience with a few clicks
  • Deliver personalised broadcasts with customer segmentation
  • Track and analyse messaging marketing performance through data reports
Abandoned Cart Recovery

Remind customers of unchecked items in shopping carts via automated WhatsApp messages. 

Enhance conversion rates by automatically importing product information into messages, while also offering additional discounts.

Coupon Marketing

Drive conversions effectively with coupons. Leverage Omnichat to deliver WhatsApp coupons and track the performance effortlessly. You can set up the countdown timer and coupon distribution quantity to maximise sales potential.

Grow Your Business with Chat Commerce

WhatsApp Catalog & Payment

Streamline your sales funnel by offering a one-stop shopping experience on WhatsApp. Customers can browse products, place orders and pay directly with WhatsApp Catalog and Payment, enjoying the convenience of Chat-and-Buy journey. 

Product Referral

Enable salespeople to recommend products from the catalog to customers. All the conversion results can be tracked for commission recognition, applicable to eshops and WhatsApp.

Differences between WhatsApp Accounts



Business App

Business API

Green Tick Verification
Multi-user Collaboration




Coupon & Game Module
Website Browsing Behaviour Tracking
OMO Sales Performance Tracking

Achieve a 10x Increase in Conversion Rates
with a ROAS of over 100%

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