Conversational Sales

Generate sales anytime, anywhere through WhatsApp 1-on-1 conversations. Track omnichannel sales performance, conduct revenue recognition, and facilitate digital transformation.

Integrate Your Online and Offline Sales Channels

Attract, Convert, and Retain customers across multiple touchpoints,

resulting in an increase in average customer spending by 92%.

Bridge the Gap between Online and Offline
Create a Seamless Customer Experience

Customer Management

Streamline and centralise management of customer lists by integrating with WhatsApp Business API

Customer-Sales Binding

Provide customised sales services for different audiences by frontline sales after binding

Conversion tracking

Send product referral links to customers via WhatsApp. Sales performance can be measured when customers make a purchase

OMO Success Cases

Customers can make WhatsApp appointments of professional services from pharmacists and dietitians, diverting online traffic to offline stores. 

Offline printed receipts of Watsons have included WhatsApp QR code, diverting offline leads to online.


Launched ‘Chat & Buy’ conversational service, so customers can make instant enquiries and place orders via WhatsApp. 

Miramar Travel

Automatically assign travel consultants via Chatbot. Address customer requirements and send product referral links through WhatsApp conversations, accounting for 100% of the average total revenue of the online store.

Trusted by 5,000+ clients worldwide
Revolutionise Your Customer Journey with Chat & Buy Omnichannel Sales
Step 1| Binding

By using QR codes, binding links, or Chatbot, customers are able to connect with particular stores and associates on WhatsApp.

Step 2|Recommend products

Salespeople recommend products via WhatsApp, directing them to make online purchases or in-store visits.

Step 3|Performance Tracking

Track online customer orders with automatic staff performance calculation, enabling cross-channel recognition.

Seize Every Sales Opportunity by Leveraging Chat to Order
Premium Sales Support

By adopting a customer-centric approach, salespeople prefill product details and generate orders for customers, delivering a personalized shopping experience and stimulating impulse purchases.

Flexible Settings

To enhance flexibility, customers can add order information and select the most suitable pickup and payment methods. Automatic notifications will be sent via messages after successful order placement.

Every Detail Crafted for Omnichannel Sales

Bind in-store

Customers bind to frontline sales via QR code or links once connecting with WhatsApp

Personalised Service

Store personnel recommend products to connected customers through WhatsApp conversations

Product Referral

Sales representatives select website products, send product referral links for purchases, and track clicks, orders, and order details

Virtual Shopping

Multiple sales agents can start 1-on-1 video calls with different customers simultaneously

Coupon Marketing

Utilise coupons to increase customers’ willingness to spend, attract immediate purchases, and drive revenue growth

Performance Report

Track the number of binding customers, message sent, product referral orders, and sales performance

Saved Replies

Save frequently used replies in advance to handle FAQ, increasing work efficiency

Cloud Backup

Automatically back up customer contact information and conversation records, allowing managers accessing messages anytime to uphold service quality

App & Website Support

Support iOS, Android App & Website. Team members can reply to customers and view the product referral performance anytime.

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