Connect with Your Targeted Customers through Broadcasts

Send mass WhatsApp messages to targeted customers in one go, with the open rate of up to 98%. Achieve marketing automation through customer segmentation and scheduling.

Precision Broadcast across Multiple Channels

Effectively reach your target audience through bulk WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and LINE messages

Precise Targeting​

Further filter audience with WhatsApp, Facebook, and LINE based on their conversation history

Real-time Communication

Support scheduling messages to communicate directly with customers at the most opportune times

Performance Tracking

Comprehensive tracking from sending, opening, clicking to purchase conversion

Precise Audience Filtering

Locate the target audience with the highest conversion rate with filtering.

Conditions include: 

  • Customer Tags
  • Subscribed Time
  • Last Interaction
  • Last Purchase
  • Binding Store & Staff

Diverse Templates

Customise your broadcasts by utilising various message templates or variables to enhance interaction and boost conversion rates.

Templates include:

  • Text, Image, Video
  • List Message
  • Quick Reply
  • User Input
  • Coupon
  • Carousel Message
  • Imagemap Message

Auto-tagging for Segmentation

Automatically put tags on customers based on the interactions, and send personalised remarketing messagesto different segments.

Data Analysis

Comprehensive performance tracking, from send, open, and click to conversion, allowing you to estimate costs and evaluate results effectively.

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