Omnichannel Social Customer Data Platform

Collect and map scattered customer data to create 360-degree customer profiles for automated and personalised journeys. 

Increase Customer Lifetime Value through Strengthened Relationships

Mapping Diverse Identities across Social Media

Select the most suitable messaging channel for your customers at the right time

Automated Customer Journeys

Engage customers through automated and personalised messages, leveraging accurate customer segmentation

Personalised Messages

Track customer preference to facilitate customised message creation for different scenarios, e.g. First visit, Join membership, Second purchase, etc

Integration with CRM / eShops

Build a comprehensive customer database by integrating with the enterprise’s existing data management systems, such as customer management platforms, online store backends, and member segmentation systems

Synchronised Retail Sales Data

Integrate data from physical stores such as purchase history, membership information, and inventory, and launch remarketing campaigns based on consumer behaviour

Automated Customer Journey with One-to-One Messaging

Omnichannel Social Customer

Track fragmented data and map social profiles to create a 360-degree customer profile.

Omnichannel Customer Journey

Automated personalised journeys strengthen relationships, build brand loyalty, and encourage repurchase.

Custom Triggers

Flexibly set trigger conditions and rules of the journey based on customer data e.g. checkout, membership upgrades, or reaching a target spending amount

Advanced Segmentation

Refine your communication by segmenting based on customer shopping behaviour, binding status, custom data, and more

Various Interactions

Broadcast, audience segmentation, tag management and scheduling time delays

Personalised Messages

Tailor your message content with data from API integrations, customer information, and behaviour data collected by Omnichat.

Customer Analysis

Analyse the current status, growth rate and growth momentum of contacts to gain insights into “contact sources” and “binding sources”, and optimise conversions and future marketing planning.

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