Timberland directed traffic across online and offline, achieving 7x conversion rate

With Omnichat, Timberland successfully directed online visitors to salespeople at physical stores and reach a 7x conversion rate.

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Brand Story

Timberland, the world’s leading outdoor clothing and footwear brand, was founded in the United States in 1973. Its classic yellow boots are favoured by many outdoor enthusiasts because they are waterproof, slip-resistant and durable.

to achieve business goals
Omnichannel Sales

Timberland website launched the WhatsApp shopping service, driving online traffic to store salespeople to follow up. Customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience without leaving home.

We have achieved a seven-fold increase in conversion rate by using Omnichat. This revenue is enough to cover the annual fee of Omnichat for several years.

JJ, Senior Marketing Manager of Timberland (Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Omnichannel Sales

By using Omnichat’s OMO(Online Merge Offline) sales feature, frontline salespeople can bind to customers to conduct 1-on-1 conversations and also send out product links. The system will automatically calculate the commission when customers complete the purchases online.


Store visitors needed to scan the QR code, connect with Timberland WhatsApp and choose to bind the store in order to get the gift. The coupon module can be used in online and physical stores, attracting customers to purchase Timberland’s products.

7x increase in conversion rate

With Omnichat’s abandoned cart remarketing feature, reminders are sent through WhatsApp / Facebook / LINE, achieving a seven-fold increase in conversion rate.

features used by the brand
Abandoned Cart Remarketing

Automatically send WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook messages to remind customers of unchecked items.

Broadcast WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE messages to target audience. Reports for reviewing revenue and click-through rate results are generated automatically.
Automated Chatbot
Set up automated WhatsApp, FB, IG and LINE Chatbot to reduce customer waiting time.
OMO Sales
Online merging Offline sales. Frontline sales can conduct 1 on 1 selling anytime, anywhere.
Product Referral Link

Connecting with product feed, sales agents can send product referral links with a few clicks, which increases conversion rate.

Available for online and offline stores. Support tracking, counting, and distribution quantity features. Exclusive coupons can be sent to VIPs by sales.

It is like a centralised CRM system, and we can integrate all online and offline customer data.

JJ, Senior Marketing Manager of Timberland (Hong Kong and Taiwan)

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