Sleekflow vs. Omnichat

Unable to send more than a thousand broadcasts at once using other official BSPs?

Omnichat ensures unlimited broadcast messages without being blocked by WhatsApp, allowing you to send mass messages all at once according to a predefined schedule. 

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Better than Sleekflow

All-in-one Marketing Automation with Native Coupons and Game Modules

With Omnichat’s built-in capabilities, you can seamlessly send WhatsApp coupons and games, streamlining your marketing campaigns within a single platform.

You will no longer need to connect with multiple vendors, eliminating additional platform costs and the time wasted switching between various platforms. Omnichat simplifies processes and workflows, allowing you to focus on achieving your goals more efficiently.

Better than Sleekflow

Comprehensive Tracking of Actual Sales Figures and Cross-channel Performance

Omnichat goes beyond just calculating the performance of WhatsApp Payment Links for instant payments. It also provides comprehensive tracking of total eShop sales and revenue, including all referral links sent by sales through WhatsApp and the actual transactions made by customers in the eShop. 

With Omnichat’s comprehensive and precise tracking system, sales revenue can be accurately recorded within a specific period, such as 90 days, even if customers do not make instant payments. This ensures precise recognition of sales performance, motivating salespeople to provide better service.

Better than Sleekflow

Better User Experience with a Simplified Interface and Stable System

With Omnichat, all conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are displayed clearly, allowing you to manage user visibility and operations based on company hierarchy and department roles.

The platform provides a seamless and stable experience, enabling easy message sending and receiving, and facilitating smooth communication with customers without any barriers.

Better than Sleekflow

Integration of multiple eCommerce platforms and CRM systems

Apart from Shopify, Omnichat can seamlessly integrate with various eCommerce platforms including Shopline, WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, 91APP and popular CRM softwares such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365, to import and update customer data without using third-party platforms.

Better than Sleekflow

Professional Advice by Local Customer Success and Technical Support Teams

Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and experience, Omnichat’s team of local customer service and technical professionals is dedicated to assisting customers in seamlessly utilising the platform.

Furthermore, Omnichat provides best practices for using WhatsApp Business across various industries, ensuring that we better cater to your specific business needs.

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