Elevate Customer Engagement and Simplify Tasks with WhatsApp Flows

With WhatsApp Flows, customise experiences, streamline processes, gather insights, and enhance engagement all within WhatsApp.

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What are WhatsApp Flows?

WhatsApp Flows enables businesses to create personalised end-to-end customer journeys on WhatsApp, facilitating tasks like appointment scheduling or lead capture directly within the app.

This streamlines operations, enhances user experience, and offers quick customisation flexibility, all on the familiar WhatsApp platform.

Create a Seamless and Personalised Customer Experience within WhatsApp

Multiple Data Sources Integration

Simplify complex processes with interactive flows, from scheduling appointments to capturing leads, by integrating WhatsApp flows with your CRM and booking system.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Navigate customers seamlessly through multiple screens, ensuring a personalised and interactive experience. Increase your customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Centralised Data Management

Consolidate all flow data and responses on a single platform for easy tracking, analysis, and campaign optimisation.

Unlock Endless Possibilities with WhatsApp Flows within Omnichat Platform

Appointment Bookings

Streamline the process of making reservations, booking services, or scheduling consultations directly within WhatsApp, with the help of Omnichat’s Chatbot.

Event Registration

Broadcast personalised invitation messages to VIP customers, and motivate them to complete the registration process through the native sign-up forms. 

Exclusive Rewards​

Incentivise customers by providing their contact information, WhatsApp coupons will be automatically sent to those who complete the form.

Customer Feedback Forms​

Gather valuable customer feedback with a more convenient approach to understand their thoughts.


Empower your customers to select from a range of services and offerings, and automatically send quotations for their chosen service through WhatsApp.

Comprehensive Tracking on Omnichat

You can access overall flow information and status updates, and track and export responses for each flow within the Omnichat platform.

Achieve a 10x Increase in Conversion Rates
with a ROAS of over 100%

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