One-stop Seamless Shopping Journey on WhatsApp

Create your own WhatsApp store that allows customers to browse products or services through WhatsApp Catalog, and complete payment and checkout process in chats.

Trusted by 5,000+ International Brands Worldwide
Experience Chat & Buy on WhatsApp in 3 Steps

Step 1 | Set Up

Import product catalog to WhatsApp

Step 2 | Browse Products

Customers browse products or service on WhatsApp

Step 3 | Checkout

Customers pay directly on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Store

Showcase your products on WhatsApp! Set up your WhatsApp Catalog for customers to easily browse your products anytime. Confirm orders and make payments in one tap. Operate your store 24/7 throughout the year, cultivating a speedy checkout process!

WhatsApp Payment & Product Referral

In addition to self-ordering through WhatsApp, salespeople can create orders and provide payment links to customers following their conversations, seizing every sales opportunity!

WhatsApp payment supports various payment methods with convenience, security and credibility to instantly boost revenue.

Sales Dashboard

Dashboard records the generated sales revenue through payment links, facilitating the calculation of salesperson performance and boosting their motivation.

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