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Unlock endless business opportunities by attracting and nurturing customerst hrough interactive conversations. Automate membership management to deliver a seamless, convenient, and personalised customer experience.

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Comprehensive LINE Business Solutions
Attract and Retain Customers in One Place

Omnichannel CRM Messaging Integration

Streamline conversations handling and consolidate messages across multiple channels

Precision marketing

Broadcast LINE messages to specific customer segments for promotion. Send automated LINE reminders to customers who have not completed purchases, achieving high conversion rates

Omnichannel sales

Connect customers with in-store sales reps for 1-on-1 LINE conversations, supporting performance recognition for online and offline sales.

Leverage LINE CRM Messaging Marketing to Cultivate and Nurture Member Relationships

Rich Menu

Effectively deliver your brand messages using a customised LINE rich menu. Generate traffic and conversions 24/7, enhancing the customer interaction experience.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Send automated LINE messages to remind customers of pending items in their shopping carts and guide them to complete the purchase.

Boost conversion rates by automatically incorporating product information into messages, and providing additional discounts.

Gamification Marketing

Easily create engaging and interactive marketing campaigns on LINE using Omnichat. Choose from a variety of options including Gashapon, Draw Lots, Scratch Cards, Lucky Roulette, and Slot Machine, all of which allow customisable prizes and winning probabilities, perfectly aligning with your marketing needs.


Efficiently reach your target audience using LINE’s broadcast, enhanced by precise filtering. Personalise the content by incorporating personal information such as names and birthdays into the messages, making them more engaging and appealing.

Sell Without Boundaries with OMO Conversational Sales

Customer-sales Binding

Online or in-store customers can connect with the brand’s official LINE account, enabling online repurchases and in-store reservations, while receiving personalised sales services.

Product Referral

By importing the product catalog, sales can quickly select and recommend products to customers, while tracking product referral link clicks and conversions for revenue recognition automatically.

Elevate Customer Experience through the Automation of Customer Service

Multi-user Collaboration

Facilitate simultaneous logins for multiple users, and sort conversations into categories (unresolved, in progress, completed) to avoid overlooking queries.

Automatically assign conversations to the corresponding colleagues for follow-up, reducing communication time.

Achieve a 10x Increase in Conversion Rates
with a ROAS of over 100%

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