Marketing, Sales and Support All-in-One Omnichannel Messaging Platform

Seamless integration of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and WeChat, achieving a 5x conversion rate and elevating customer experience.

Omnichannel Chat Commerce Solutions
Trusted by 5,000+ Brands Worldwide

Solve Pain Points of Businesses
Capture Opportunities for Breakthrough Growth

Enhance Customer Service

Centralise multi-channel messages in one place, and provide customer support quickly and satisfactorily

Optimise Marketing Performance

Track customer behaviour across website and social platforms, and create automated customer journeys

Online-merge-Offline Sales

Bind customers to in-store sales representatives through WhatsApp or LINE, and track sales performance across multiple revenue channels

Why Omnichat?

Official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) & LINE Tech Partner

Omnichannel Integration

Omnichat, the official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider and business partner of Meta and LINE, supports messaging integration of multiple communciation channels for faster response and better customer experience.

Marketing Automation

Automatically label and categorise customers through auto-tagging and facilitate segmentation. Achieve better ROI with automated messaging campaigns – personalised broadcast, coupons and interactive games.

Sales Conversion

Break through online and offline barriers, and reach your customers anytime, anywhere by leveraging WhatsApp or LINE. Track real-time statistics and measure revenue contribution from each salespersons or shops.

Social CDP

Deliver automated customer journeys by mapping social identities and building 360° customer profiles. Trigger personalised WhatsApp messages based on the purchase behaviour.

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