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by personalized messages

Visitors and customers expect personal messages and communications for their shopping decisions. Omnichat automation helps you trigger personal touch with all your customers at the right moment across the customer journey
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Automation flow that converts each step of the customer journey

Omnichat delivers cross-channel messages automation on your website, and social massaging channels so you can target website visitors and convert them step by step from anonymous visitors, subscribers, known customers then repeat buyers.
  • Cross-channel Subscription
  • Cross-channel Tracking & Segmenting
  • Cross-channel Remarkeing Automation

Engage with new customers with personalized messages or incentives for subscriptions

98% of first time visitors on your website do not finish purchase. Omnichat messaging tools allow you to push message subscription pop ups to subscribe visitors as Facebook Messenger, LINE, or Email contacts, so you can nurture relationship with them and retarget for future purchases.
  • Pop-up FB/LINE subscription with Promo code
  • Targeted messages pop up on website
  • Auto ask for Email in chat
  • Support manual & auto remarketing

Win back hesitant customers by automated corss-channel remarketing

Omnichat Remarketing Message feature allows you to build custom remarketing flows across visitors’ Facebook Messenger or LINE even after they leave your website. For example, they can receive a message of promo codes 1 hours after they have visited a product or shopping cart pages multiple times.
  • Custom triggers for website activity
  • Delay an auto messages to FB / LINE
  • Auto create tags on subscribers
  • Support Image, texts and Chatbot messages

Surprise returned visitors with targeting deals & offers

As Omnichat helps to track every visitor’s website behaviors, you can target those returned visitors who visit your website multiple times based on their page behaviors with greater purchase intents by different incentives.
  • Push a discount code to those who repeatedly visit a product
  • Suggest more options to those who stay on a page for long
  • Suggest upsell deals for free-shipping promotion
  • Offer VIP benefits and updates

Provide shopping cart incentives to convert more purchases

Cart abandonment can be as high as 75% for eCommerce for various reasons. Omnichat allows you to target customers at the moment they need help, incentives or reminders to finish checkout, with web pushed messages and remarketing messages directly to their FB Messenger or LINE
  • Target customers who hesitate over specific time
  • Push a limited-time discount code
  • Offer free-shipping promo
  • Suggest upsales for bigger discounts
  • Send a delayed reminder via messaging channels

Engage after purchase is done

Having customers checked out is never the end. Nurture relationship with customers and win them back for repeat purchase. Omnichat allows you to target customers who complete checkout at “Order Confirmation Page” , where you can set up automated web push messages, tags and remarketing messages to thank and re-engage with them.
  • Target payment/order confirmation page URL
  • Create custom tags for purchased customers
  • Push web messages to engage in real-time
  • Automate a “thank you” message via FB or LINE

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