Omnichannel Marketing Solution

Automate remarketing across messaging channels. Manage social media efficiently, boosting cnversions and sales.

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Abandoned Cart Remarketing
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Website Remarketing
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360° Remarketing

Omnichannel Behaviour Tracking

  • Integrate customer profiles across channels
  • Full tracking of customer data such as pages browsed, buttons clicked and orders placed
  • Categorise customers through autotagging

Precision Marketing Automation

  • WhatsApp / FB personalised broadcast
  • Abandoned Cart Remarketing
  • Website automated marketing messages

Interactive & Creative Marketing

  • Coupons available for online and offline
  • Member-Get-Member game module

Collect Customer Cross-channel Data for Market Segmentation

Omnichannel Profile Integration

Create comprehensive customer profiles with omnichannel data for building your own Soical CRM.

Customer Behaviour
with Auto-tagging

Auto-tagging based on customer website activities and Chatbot interaction for personalising marketing strategies.

Customized Messages for Providing a Unique Shopping Experience


Blast out WhatsApp messages in one go, with up to 98% open rate, effectively reaching the target audience in a short time.

Get closer to your audience by including their names or birthdays in the message content, Add images, videos, buttons, and more to make your broadcasts more eye-catching.

Abandoned Cart Remarketing​

Automatically send WhatsApp / FB / LINE reminders of unchecked items in shopping carts, and the average conversion reached 25%.

Website Remarketing Messages​

Automatically send in-site messages to remind website visitors of the latest offers, or promote brand messages, based on the browsing behaviour.

Retain Old Customers and Draw in New Ones with Interactive Marketing 


Omnichannel Coupons

Entice customers to purchase by offering discounts or special deals through Omnichat’s coupons. Support online and offline redemption, and various formats such as Promo codes, Barcodes and QR codes.

Effortlessly manage coupons across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and LINE in one place, and track the performance through a real-time dashboard. 

Interactive Games

Create interesting and interactive marketing campaigns on WhatsApp, FB, IG or LINE through Omnichat!

Customise rewards, odds of winning, and mechanisms for existing customers to refer new customers, with five classic games: Gashapon, Draw Lots, Scratch Cards, Lucky Wheel and Jackpot.

FB & IG Comment Auto-Reply

Set up auto-replies for Facebook & Instagram comments to respond to your customers instantly. Applicable to general feeds, ad feeds and lives.

By leveraging social media algorithms, reach and interaction rates can be increased without additional advertising costs.

Collect Conversational Data and Analyse Campaign Effectiveness

Real-time Statistics

Easily track the data of bulk broadcast, shopping cart remarketing, and website marketing. Results are visible in dashboards and performance reports, and remarketing strategies can be adjusted at any time.

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