New Built-in WhatsApp Form: Instant Registration, Reservations, Survey Collection

Date: June 19, 2024 (Wed)
Time: 14:30 – 15:30
Format: Webinar
Language: Cantonese


Elevate Your Customer Journey with WhatsApp’s New Built-in Form. Leverage the new WhatsApp Form to enable customers to quickly register for events, make reservations, and provide feedback – all without leaving the conversation. Satisfy the unique needs of diverse customers through a wealth of customisable menu options and form fields. WhatsApp forms unlock new possibilities for businesses, delivering seamless and thoughtful service experiences in your customer interactions.

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Discover a Wealth of WhatsApp Form Use Cases!


✅ Acquire new customers and streamline registrations, newsletters, and promotions using WhatsApp Form

✅ Expedite service bookings and consultations through WhatsApp Form, simplifying complex processes

✅ Leverage WhatsApp Form to collect customer feedback via surveys and improve satisfaction and conversion rates

✅ Track and export responses from all your WhatsApp Forms on a single platform

✅ Execute targeted WhatsApp broadcasts to various customer segments, such as VIPs and new clients, with personalised offers

✅ Enhance shopping intent and brand engagement through WhatsApp Coupons and WhatsApp Games

✅ Integrate omnichannel customer conversations, manage WhatsApp Business API, Facebook, and Instagram inquiries on a unified platform, and build a customer relationship management system

✅ Explore real-world WhatsApp marketing case studies


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Chris Ng

Senior Account Director, Omnichat


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