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1,000 Active contacts
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Subscription & Profile Mapping *
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Visitor Tracking & Events
Chat Dashboard & Reports
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1,000 Active contacts
5,000 Targeted messages (per month)
Marketing Automation (Cross-channel remarketing)
Multi-platform Chatbots
Segmented Broadcast
Web-based Auto Segment
DIY Chatbot Builder
Keyword Autoreply
Human-Bot Handoff
Campaign Dashboard & Reports
Email Contact Import & Export(Coming soon)
Priority Online Support
One-on-One Training (Basic) *


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Frequently Asked Question

What is Active Contact?

Active Contacts are customer contacts added into your Omnichat CRM, including Facebook Messenger subscribers, LINE contacts, WhatsApp contacts, and Email contacts who connected on your website, but excluding unsubscribed or blocked contacts. (Note, website visitors who start conversations via Live Chat are not counted as Active Contacts, unless they add Email to create contact profile on CRM. )

Can I use the Free Plan forever?

Omnichat Free Plan is open for all customers to experience full features of Pro Plan without time period restriction. Anyone can start with upto 1,000 active contacts and 5,000 website marketing messages per month completely free, which is perfect for small business to grow or those who need trial of our services. You only need to upgrade to paid plans as your business grow by exceeding 1,000 contacts or need more marketing messages per month.

What if my Active Contacts exceed the limit?

The count of total Active Contacts is displayed on your Dashboard. For Free Plan, if your contacts reach the limits, you can still receive messages from all channels. However, your account will be restricted from sending any outbound messages. For Paid Plan, if your contacts reach the limits, you can still chat with all website visitors and use full features to those contacts created within your limit. However, for those contacts newly added outside of your limit, you are restricted from chatting and message them on any channels.

What's the difference in price for monthly and yearly plans?

With the yearly plan you are charged the full amount for a year with up to 30% discount. If you choose the monthly option, you are charged the original price on a monthly basis instead. The payments are made via Credit cards and automatically due monthly or yearly starting from your first payment. Other payment methods like bank transfer are available for Enterprise clients for annual billing.

What is Web Marketing Message?

Web Marketing Messages are the automated messages triggered on your website via Omnichat Live Chat widget. The messages can be created under "Remarketing message" tab on Omnichat dashboard. The message is counted when it is triggered by rules and appears to website visitors. The monthly limit for used messages will be reset on the 1st day of each month.

Can I still start with the Free plan if I already have over 1,000 customers?

For business that has more than 1,000 existing customers or contacts, you can still start with our Free Plan (1,000 active contacts and 5,000 monthly marketing messages) to experience our amazing services. You only need to upgrade if Omnichat really helps you grow your business and sales.

What if my Web Marketing Messages exceed monthly limit?

The count of monthly Web Marketing Messages is displayed on your Dashboard, and the used volume is reset on the 1st day of each month. If you reach the monthly usage limit, all message campaigns will be stopped on your website for that month. You could choose to upgrade your plan with more Active Contacts (web marketing messages) or wait for the reset in the next month.

Can I upgrade my plans anytime?

Both monthly and annual plans are able to upgrade any time by additional charge on pro rata basis, but downgrade of plan is not available. For "Monthly Plan", you could choose upgrade by 1. any plans with more contact numbers; 2. same contact level but from Lite to Pro plan; 3. same contact level but from Monthly to Yearly. For "Yearly Plan", you could choose upgrade by 1. any plans with more contact numbers; 2. same contact level but from Lite to Pro plan. (Note, upgrade of annual plan will not change the original annual service period and only the additional fee will be applied to remaining period only)

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