Pricing Plan

Break the boundaries of various social channels. Build personalised customer profiles.

Social Customer Data Platform

Data Collection

  • Various social channels:
    WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LINE

  • Customer website browsing behaviour tracking

  • Customer shopping behaviour tracking

  • eCommerce system integration

  • CRM system integration

  • POS system integration

Customer 360

  • Compare and integrate customer identities across channels

  • Collect and manage custom attributes of customers

  • Auto segmentation for customer activity

  • Auto segmentation for potential customers

Automated Journey

  • Support WhatsApp / FB / LINE

  • Automated customer journey for browsing behaviour

  • Automated customer journey for abandoned cart recovery

  • Automated customer journey for repeat purchases

  • Customised customer journey automation

Performance Tracking

  • Social media engagement

  • Website browsing behaviour

  • Cross-channel conversion

  • Omnichannel purchase record

  • Personalised journey

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