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Success Stories

Sa Sa’s OMO chat commerce strategy leads to 400% YoY growth in website sales

Sa Sa
After using conversational commerce. there are more than 1300% increase in Add-to-Cart, more than 1700% increase in Checkout and more than 1100% increase in purchases.

Lukfook Jewellery: Engage customers through 1-on-1 virtual shopping experience

Lukfook Jewellery
Leveraging Omnichat’s chat commerce solutions, Lukfook can automatically divert online customers’ enquiries to its jewellery consultants via WhatsApp Business.

OSIM introduced ‘Online-merge-Offline’ (OMO) sales feature, achieving omni-channel retailing

By adopting Omnichat’s online-merge-offline (OMO) sales feature, OSIM seamlessly combines its digital interactivity with offline sales, and provides pre-sales and after-sales support via WhatsApp.

Kidsland(LEGO®️ Certified Store) generates HK$600k revenue in 2 weeks after introducing Omnichat

Kidsland(LEGO®️ Certified Store)
Kidsland has integrated all messaging channels into one place, frontline sales can provide real time customer support and customers can Chat & Buy instantly.

Timberland directs traffic across online & offline, achieving 7x conversion rate

Timberland has achieved a seven-fold increase in conversion rate by using Omnichat. This revenue is enough to cover the annual fee of Omnichat for several years.

Eu Yan Sang’s digital transformation: Increase GMV by 10x with WhatsApp and Mobile App

Eu Yan Sang
Eu Yan Sang has adopted new retail approach ‘Online-merge-Offline’ to help deliver the omnichannel customer experience with WhatsApp and its brand App.

How WhatsApp reshaped Venchi to achieve 2 times sales in VIP Week

Leveraging WhatsApp Chat Commerce, Venchi is empowered to communicate with their customers smoothly and seamlessly, delivering a personalised customer journey so as to create amazing tasting experiences.

Benefit Cosmetics launched WhatsApp appointment of beauty services, boosted booking rate by 30%

Benefit Cosmetics
By integrating Omnichat into the service booking system, Benefit has enhanced the customer journey, providing them with a direct means of interacting with the brand and receiving prompt responses.

Hongkong Storage: Sales & revenue tracking via WhatsApp, achieving 30% automation

Hongkong Storage
With the aim of integrating multiple social messaging channels and providing instant customer services, Hongkong Storage leverages WhatsApp Business API powered by Omnichat.

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