Personalising Customer Experience with Automated Journey

Integrate your data across different platforms and create automated personalised interactions through WhatsApp, Facebook or LINE, optimising customer experience.

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Integrate Customers’ Omnichannel Identities to Create a Seamless and Personalised Experience

Multiple Data Sources

Integrate social channels, utilise pixel tracking, and integrate APIs to gather comprehensive customer data

Personalised Messages

Deliver customised messages and enhance precise customer interactions by leveraging customer data

Easy Setup

No coding is required to set up the journey. You can easily edit the journeys at any time on the visual interface to optimise effectiveness

Elevate Your Customer Experience with Automated Journey

Customer Journey Flow

Build Your Flow in a Few Steps

  1. Journey Trigger
  2. Segmentation Filter
  3. Message Node
  4. Time Delay Node
Omnichannel Customer Journey Features

E-Commerce & CRM Platforms Integration

Seamlessly integrate customer data from your e-commerce and CRM platforms. Understand your target audience and send accurate messages at key moments

Diverse Trigger Conditions

Trigger your journeys based on customer shopping behaviours, member information updates, web browsing history, and social interactions

Easy to Use

Design your customised journeys effortlessly using a non-coding and visualised interface. Deliver messages tailored to your audience to increase effectiveness

Personalised Messaging

Segment various audience groups using tags and custom attributes, and automatically deliver personalised messages through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or LINE, thereby increasing purchase opportunities

Performance Analytics

Monitor the overall performance of the journey in real-time, including revenue, orders, message volume, and completion rate, and make modifications to the journey at any time

Common Scenarios for Automated Customer Journeys

Nurture New Customers

Automatically deliver your promotional messages to new customers in a timely manner, promoting ongoing interactions, fostering brand familiarity, and building favourable customer sentiment.

Cultivating Customer Loyalty

Integrate customer data from various e-commerce and CRM platforms, and automatically send customised discounts based on their spending amount and membership status, encouraging repurchases and leading to higher conversions.

Recruit New Members

Send targeted messages automatically based on whether your WhatsApp contacts have become official website members or completed their first purchase. 

Encourage your WhatsApp contacts to become official website members and make their first purchase by offering them a special new joiner discount.

Achieve a 10x Increase in Conversion Rates
with a ROAS of over 100%

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