Omnichannel Customer Service

Integrate WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, WeChat and Website Live Chat into one single platform to improve efficiency.

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System integration

Manage multiple messaging channels in the centralised platform
Connect with website CRM system to synchronise customer data and order details

Customer Data Management

Track and record customer data. Not just a customer service platform, but also a social media CRM.

  • Name
  • Number
  • Email
  • Member ID
  • Remarks
  • Tag
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Conversation Progress Management

Categorise customers based on the conversation progress. Assign and follow up the conversations. Support team assignment and conversation takeover to facilitate collaboration.

Customer Behaviour Tracking

Answer enquiries and upsell customers based on their cart information
Recommend products in one click through member system integration
Track customer behaviour on web pages for further assistance
Omnichannel CS 5


Use automated Chatbot to categorise questions and answer frequently asked questions
Automatically assign conversations to corresponding colleagues
Preset saved replies for quick access

Statical Report

Detailed report for tracking customer interaction and managing staff workload.

The statistics include:

  • Messaging channel
  • Conversation timeslot
  • Team members

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