iORA leveraged WhatsApp to deliver better customer journey and enhance efficiency via 80% automation

Powered by Omnichat, iORA implemented omnichannel strategy with WhatsApp to deliver seamless customer journey, resulting in higher conversions and sales. 

Chatbot Automation


Open Rate

Brand Story

First opened in 1998, iORA is dedicated to offer good-quality wardrobe essentials for modern-day women and men that complete the look for all seasons and occasions. Aiming to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers, iORA has adopted Omnichat’s conversational commerce solutions to communicate with customers via messaging apps across Singapore and Malaysia markets.

to achieve business goals
Implement OMO approach via WhatsApp

Leveraging WhatsApp commerce step by step, iORA has recently adopted an ‘Online-merge-Offline’ business strategy to get more subscribers and encourage offline customers to purchase online.

With the rising trend of “Online-merge-Offline Retail” in APAC market, we can divert traffic across online and offline seamlessly and increase the overall conversions, thus providing a better customer shopping experience, by using Omnichat’s chat commerce solutions.

Ng Hao Ping, Marketing Manager of iORA

WhatsApp broadcast

Aiming to build brand awareness and loyalty for holidays and special occasions, iORA blasted out WhatsApp mass messages with the promotional video embedded to their VIP. The WhatsApp broadcast message for the Mother’s day campaign achieved a 75% open rate, much higher than traditional communication channels such as emails and SMS.

Chatbot automation

With Omnichat, the group has integrated and managed all instant messaging platforms, including Official WhatsApp Business API, Facebook, Instagram and Website live chat, in one place.

Automated chatbot and keyword auto-reply have been set up to provide customers with prompt responses, and more than 80% of enquiries are currently handled by the 24/7 chatbot, improving the efficiency of customer care.


Enhance efficiency via 80% automation

iORA implemented the automated chatbot and keyword auto-reply to ensure customers receive prompt responses. Currently, the 24/7 chatbot handles over 80% of inquiries efficiently.

features used by the brand
One-stop Customer Service System

Centralised management of omni-channel messages from WhatsApp, FB, IG, LINE, WeChat to website live chat.


Broadcast WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE messages to target audience. Reports for reviewing revenue and click-through rate results are generated automatically.

Customer tags

Tag customers based on their behaviour such as browsing pages, clicking buttons, interacting with Chatbot, and purchasing items for remarketing.

Customer profile & Purchase record

Customer profiles such as Purchase record, Shopping cart, and WhatsApp contact can be checked from Omnichat system, facilitating team collaboration.

Automated Chatbot

Set up automated WhatsApp, FB, IG and LINE Chatbot to reduce customer waiting time.


Available for online and offline stores. Support tracking, counting, and distribution quantity features. Exclusive coupons can be sent to VIPs by sales.

We can now handle all the customer enquires from various messaging channels on Omnichat, the all-in-one chat commerce platform, and the Chatbot has already helped us to deal with over 80% of enquiries, reducing customer support response times as well as improving customer satisfaction.

Ng Hao Ping, Marketing Manager of iORA

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