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Reply to customers quickly.
Handle large quantities of messages with ease.
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Reduce time and Increase efficiency

Easy to use

Import saved replies with a few clicks. Text can be edited before sending it out.

Manage permissions

Set the applicable roles for the saved replies: yourself, managers, stores, and the whole team. 

Apply to multiple channels

Set up saved replies once and apply to all channels.

Diverse Formats

Diverse formats

Not only words, images can also be included in the saved replies.


Auto-import customer names

Pre-set the parameters of contacts, so as to import customer names in the saved replies automatically.

Quick Access

Quick access

Saved replies can be used with simply one click. With ‘Search’ and ‘Tag’ features, you can easily find the required replies.

Applicable Roles

Applicable roles

Select applicable roles for your saved replies to avoid sending incorrect responses.  

Roles include: 

  • Only you
  • Specific roles
  • Specific stores
  • All team members

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