Facebook Messenger

Craft a Seamless Shopping Experience for Billions of Facebook Users Worldwide. Reduce customer wait times and increase engagements by using Chatbot and Comment auto-reply.

Trusted by 5,000+ clients worldwide
Effortlessly Convert Your Customers
with Facebook Messenger

e-Commerce Integration

Increase conversion rate by connecting membership information and product feed, and combining with product referral and abandoned cart remarketing

Marketing Automation

Automate responses on Facebook posts and Messenger with Chatbot to reduce repetitive tasks and deliver brand messages accurately

Omnichannel CRM Messaging Integration

Streamline conversations handling and consolidate messages across multiple channels

Chatbot without Coding

Create your no-code chatbot for 24/7 automated customer support on Facebook. Assign enquiries to the corresponding team members for follow-up. 

Accurately segment customers for cross-channel messaging remarketing with the auto-tagging feature.

Comment & Message Auto-reply

You can set up automated responses for comments on Facebook posts, stories, live broadcasts, and even inbox messages! 

Boost your organic reach and improve customer service efficiency through automation.

Recurring Notifications

Break free from the limitations of Facebook’s 24-hour policy by broadcasting proactive, personalised, and automated messages.

Drive leads, sales and re-engagement through recurring notifications with zero cost!

Facebook Ads Optimisation

Create custom audience lists in Meta Ads Manager based on customer tags and interactions, amplifying your ROAS with segmentation tactics. 

Product Referral

Instantly share product referral links with a few clicks, and provide customers with full details about recommended products. With cross-channel data tracking, you may monitor sales performance anytime.

Coupon & Gamification Marketing

Drive sales through coupons and interactive games, attract new customers and foster customer loyalty through the member-get-member feature.

Achieve a 10x Increase in Conversion Rates
with a ROAS of over 100%

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