Level Up Sales Performance with Cross-channel Tracking

Bind customers to specific sales representatives for WhatsApp 1-on-1 selling. Automatically calculate sales performance based on completed orders, facilitating cross-channel revenue recognition and tracking.

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WhatsApp Personalised Sales
Expand Your Online and Offline Reach

Step 1
Start WhatsApp conversations

Salespeople start conversations with customers on WhatsApp

Step 2
Customer-sales Binding

Customers connect with the specific store and salesperson on WhatsApp. The same WhatsApp account can be used by multiple stores

Step 3
1-on-1 Sales Service

Sales introduce products via WhatsApp, guiding customers to purchase online or in-store. The system automatically calculates sales performance once the purchase is completed

Achieve Omnichannel Sales with WhatsApp

WhatsApp Store Management

Collaborate with multiple stores and salespeople using one single WhatsApp account.

Designated Binding Links

Customers bind to the specific salesperson through the QR code and unique link on WhatsApp, starting one-on-one conversations.

1-on-1 Conversations

Customers can view the names of the assigned salesperson during WhatsApp conversations, while salespeople can access customer information and conversations that are specifically linked to them.

Product Referral

Sales representatives can recommend products with a single click from the Product Feed, having the conversions automatically tracked for revenue recognition and tracking.

Data Analysis

Comprehensive statistics on sales performance, and conversational data include:

  • Chat statistics
  • Binding customer statistics
  • Product referral performance

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