Abandoned Cart Remarketing with an Average Conversion Rate of 25%

Over 80% of online shoppers abandon their carts. Remind your customers to complete the checkout via WhatsApp, Facebook, or LINE to boost sales.

Trusted by 5,000+ clients worldwide
Automatically Generate Orders 24/7
in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1|Configuration

Set the reminder timing and message content for abandoned shopping carts

Step 2|Messaging

Send abandoned cart reminders and product information via instant messaging platforms

Step 3|Review

Analyze data anytime to improve the performance

Import unchecked product information automatically

Automatically add unchecked product information and images to reminder messages.

Amplify your brand image with customised content and time-sensitive promotions to increase conversion rates.

Customised Settings

Set reminders for customers after they add items to their shopping cart with customised delivery time and frequency.

Turn on ‘Do not disturb’ mode to avoid disturbing customers. The reminder messages will be automatically resent afterwards.

Data Insights

Easily measure your results and optimise your marketing strategy.

Present essential data with clarity: number of messages, CTR, orders, revenue, conversion rate, ROAS, and more.

Achieve a 10x Increase in Conversion Rates
with a ROAS of over 100%

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