Use Gamification Marketing to Increase Customer Engagement and Excitement

Leverage WhatsApp games to interact with customers, replacing traditional text messages and enhancing the shopping experience.

Keep Customers Engaged and Motivated
with Gamification

Custom Settings

Customise game draw frequency, prize quantity, and winning probabilities with five modules that align with marketing strategies

Member Get Member

Customers can earn more drawing chances by inviting friends, automatically attracting new customers

Performance tracking

Get real-time gameplay stats, track participants, and friends, game sharing, and export winning records anytime

Impress Your Customers and Win More Business
through Five Interactive Games

Support WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, LINE Official Account

Engagement Booster

Leveraging broadcast messages, FB / IG posts, Chatbot interactions, and in-site messages to invite visitors to play games and subscribe to your account, boosting engagement rates and increasing conversion opportunities.

Creative Campaigns

Create extraordinary shopping experiences for your customers! With just one click, customers can invite their friends to join the game, resulting in free advertising, increased brand awareness, and customer loyalty.


Divert Traffic across Online and Offline

Store customers who subscribe to WhatsApp / FB / IG can participate in interactive games, bridging the offline and online experience.

Additionally, you can offer exclusive games for customers who reach a certain spending amount to increase the average customer spending.

Achieve a 10x Increase in Conversion Rates
with a ROAS of over 100%

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