Visitor to Customer: How WhatsApp Drives Marketplace Success​

Unveiling SaSa’s Success Story
Tips & Tricks for Health and Beauty Industry

  • Date: Thur, 25 April 2024
  • Time: 3:00PM (GMT +8)

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Cut Through the Noise: 

Personalised Engagement Strategies for Retail Success

Feeling lost in a sea of competitors? You’re not alone.

Today’s retail landscape is fiercely competitive. But what if you could break through the noise and connect with customers on a deeper level?

This webinar will explore innovative ways to personalise the customer experience and drive traffic to your online store. Learn how to:

  • Craft interactive experiences that keep customers engaged.
  • Leverage data to personalise your marketing strategies.
  • Build lasting customer loyalty in a competitive market.
  • Unveiling SaSa’s Secrets, learn how SaSa leverage WhatsApp for their unique business needs.
Meet Our Speaker

Nixon Soh, Senior Consultant at Omnichat, experience in MaaS especially for the health and beauty industry. He leverages his expertise in sales, partnerships, customer relations, and strategic planning to deliver exceptional business results. A passionate tech enthusiast, Nixon is constantly on the lookout for innovative technologies and projects.

Nixon Soh, Omnichat

Layla Xu, Partner Manager for Messaging at Meta. With a keen focus on platform insights and product feedback, Layla shapes the development of messaging platform roadmaps, driving strategic growth for our valued partners within the Meta ecosystem.


Layla Xu

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