Automated Customer Journey

Integrate your data across different platforms and create automated personalized interactions

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Integrate Your Customers’ Omni-channel Identities to Create a Seamless and Personalized User Experience

Multiple Data Sources

Complete customer data is obtained through social channel integration, pixel tracking, and API integrations to drive accurate targeting.

Personalized messaging

Trigger and direct your communication based on customer conditions, make precise interactions and deliver personalized messages using exclusive data

Automated Execution

A complete interactive journey can be set up once and executed automatically, eliminating repetitive work and maximizing your marketing potential

Automated Customer Interactions, Precise Targeting, Minimal Effort

Integrate omni-channel data and apply it to your WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and LINE interactions

Omni-channel Customer Journey Features

Integrate Multiple Data Sources

Integrate multiple social platforms, official website member data, CRMs, and ERP data through API and Pixel and use it in your customer journeys

Diverse Trigger Conditions

Trigger your journeys based on customer shopping behaviors, member information updates, web browsing history, and social interactio

Automated Execution

A complete interactive script can be set up once and executed automatically, saving repetitive work and liberating marketing potential.

Remarketing Journeys

Throughout the journey, you can continuously segment and engage with your customers, using their data, interactions, and website behavior to trigger multiple tailored messages

Personalized Messaging

Trigger and direct your communication based on customer conditions, make precise interactions and deliver personalized messages using exclusive data

Time Delay Node

Easily set time intervals for interactions in your customer journeys and control the pace of your customer communication.

Automatically Add or Remove Tags

Automatically apply or remove tags throughout your customer journeys based on customer interactions, creating precise audience segmentation cycles.

Journey Performance Analytics

View the overall performance of the journey at any time, including revenue, orders, message volume, completion rate, etc.

Node Performance Statistics

Individual node performance tracking, including revenue, number of orders, number of messages, open rate, click-through rate, and response rate

Common Scenarios for Automated Customer Journeys

Automatically target audiences based on their membership level

Integrate customers’ WhatsApp and membership status, and automatically send customized messages based on their membership levels.


Strengthen your customer relationships through automated VIP management

Enable customers who meet certain criteria to receive pre-scheduled messages sequentially, enhancing brand awareness and favorability in the most efficient way, and saving marketing resources.

Total spend

Identify your potential VIP customers and guide them from the online experience to your offline stores

Integrate e-commerce consumption records, and when the customer’s spending reaches a specific amount, automatically guide them to the next steps to increase the customer’s lifetime value.

Member recruitment

Transform your social media fans into valued customers

Automatically send tailored guidance messages based on whether WhatsApp friends have become official website members or completed their first purchase.

Ensure that your WhatsApp friends become official website members and place their first order.


Create highly effective conversion rates with precise birthday reminders

Integrate members’ birthday information, automatically send birthday-exclusive offers, and seize the opportunity for high conversion!

Achieve a 10x Increase in Conversion Rates
with a ROAS of over 100%

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