24/7 automated reply

Automated Chatbot for multiple channels

Support WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LINE, and Website Live chat.


Automated chatbot flow

Preset chatbot flow, and automatically guide customers to view the information, in order to quickly solve their problems. 

  • Support text, images, and buttons.
  • Connect with multiple message blocks.
  • Auto-tagging for segmentation.

Keyword Auto-reply and Auto-assign

Detect keywords in messages and automatically trigger preset replies.

  • Auto-reply: Automatically reply to messages when triggered by keywords.
  • Auto-assign: Automatically assign conversations to specific team members when triggered by keywords.

Conversational CRM System

Automatically save customer replies to CRM systems for management and remarketing.


Cross-system integration of JSON API

Connect with API, and obtain the third-party system data for customer data integration.

Common applications such as:

  • Check the logistics status with the order number.
  • Check membership points with mobile phone numbers.

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