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Omnichat is a leading omni-channel chat commerce solution provider in Asia Pacific. From Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE to your website, Omnichat offers advanced technology and business solutions on social messaging channels integration with enhanced efficiency, user behaviour analysis and remarketing strategy development.

Start in Hong Kong, Grow in Taiwan

Founded in 2017, the initial idea of Omnichat was based on the e-commerce experience of our Founder, Alan Chan. He discovered that there were a lot of missed orders in the market because customers could not make instant enquiries when shopping online. Therefore, he started to develop ‘Website Live Chat’, which is the prototype of Omnichat.

Alan brought Omnichat to Taiwan and joined Appworks Accelerator in 2018. Apart from retargeting market positioning, some marketing automation features such as website marketing messages have been developed.

Alan Chan, Founder & CEO (right) and Pak Hui, COO (left) of Omnichat

In November 2019, Omnichat seamlessly connected WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE and the website with ‘cross-platform’ technology. From getting the potential customer list on the Facebook fan page, tracking the customer website browsing behaviour, automatically recommending the products to sending remarketing messages through Facebook / LINE / WhatsApp, Omnichat acts as a trusted partner of e-commerce cross-channel marketing.

Technology should make our economy better, and our life easier.

Omnichat has well developed the working teams both in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

To deeply cultivate different markets, teams of development, growth marketing, customer service and product development are perfectly set. We can handle alliance partnerships, quickly adjust product direction based on the market needs, and provide comprehensive enterprise service solutions.

The Taiwan team of Omnichat
The Hong Kong team of Omnichat

Started from 2017, launched in 2018, and grew in 2019. We can respond and adapt rapidly to the fast-changing world. Innovation is in our DNA.

Omnichat has started an ‘Affiliate Programme’ in 2020, looking for more and more marketing consulting firms and agencies to promote the concept of ‘Omnichannel Chat Commerce’ together.

In recent years, Omnichat has pioneered in the field of OMO (online-merge-offline) Conversational Sales. Binding the customer with a specific salesperson for 1 on 1 selling via WhatsApp / LINE, our system can calculate salespersons’ revenue automatically once customers complete the purchase. Leveraging on Omnichat’s App and website, salespersons can convert visitors to customers through chat anytime, anywhere.

Expanding the business into Southeast Asia, Alan Chan, Founder and CEO of Omnichat, said, ‘We will invest more capital to bolster technology and product development on our all-in-one messaging platform, especially the remarketing and Chat & Buy features.’

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