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Vita Green Reached 50% Click-through Rate and 60% Automation via WhatsApp

By leveraging Omnichat’s WhatsApp Business API,  both front-line salespeople and back-office employees are now utilising the same WhatsApp number for marketing, sales and customer service purposes, achieving a 50% click-through rate and 60% automation.

Click-through rate of Broadcast


enquiries handled by automated Chatbot

Brand Story

Established in 1993, Vita Green Group has achieved remarkable success in the health supplement industry. With three GMP-certified pharmaceutical factories, over 150 retail stores and counters, and a vast network of more than 8,000 global sales points, proving that the company is undoubtedly one of the recognised leaders in the field.

Its brands also include Doctor’s Choice, NATURO VITA, Waton and also Tea Château which provide a unique and enriching healthy tea experience.

to achieve business goals
Online-merge-Offline Sales

Through Omnichat, Vita Green is able to open up new avenues for sales but also significantly enriches the overall customer experience.

When a customer completes a transaction, the system records the performance of each branch or colleague through WhatsApp. This performance tracking function thus facilitating commission calculation is the critical reason for Vita Green to choose Omnichat as the omni-channel system integration solution.

Terrence Siu, Head of IT|Group Director, Information Technology of Vita Green

OMO Sales

The utilization of Vita Green’s WhatsApp Business API account plays a pivotal role in frontline store staff for sales purposes.

Upon a customer’s entry into Vita Green’s WhatsApp, the system seamlessly connects them with a salesperson from a Vita Green store, allowing the colleague to fully comprehend the customer’s needs and offer tailored product recommendations.

Multi-store management

Use the same WhatsApp number for marketing, sales and customer service purposes, enabling centralised management and fostering efficiency within the group.


WhatsApp Broadcast

Through Omnichat, Vita Green blasted out marketing promotional WhatsApp messages in one go, achieving a delivery rate of over 90% and a click-through rates of up to 50%!

With WhatsApp coupons, the Group can drive traffic to both physical stores and websites, bridging the gap between online and offline.

Automated Chatbot

Vita Green handled more than 40,000 enquiries through Omnichat in just three months, 96% of which came from WhatsApp, and more than 60% of the enquiries were automatically handled by Chatbot.

Achieve click-through rate up to 50%

Vita Green Group has used WhatsApp Broadcast to deliver massive marketing offers with click-through rates of up to 50% and delivery rates surpassing 90%.

features used by the brand
One-stop Customer Service System

Centralised management of omni-channel messages from WhatsApp, FB, IG, LINE, WeChat to website live chat.


Broadcast WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE messages to target audience. Reports for reviewing revenue and click-through rate results are generated automatically.

Automated Chatbot

Set up automated WhatsApp, FB, IG and LINE Chatbot to reduce customer waiting time.

OMO Sales

Online merging Offline sales. Frontline sales can conduct 1 on 1 selling anytime, anywhere.


Available for online and offline stores. Support tracking, counting, and distribution quantity features. Exclusive coupons can be sent to VIPs by sales.


5 interactive games are available: Scratch-off tickets, Lucky wheel, Jackpot, Draw lots, Gashapon, enhancing customer shopping experience.

Vita Green has used WhatsApp Broadcast to disseminate marketing offers to a wide customer base, achieving an impressive click-through rate (CTR) of up to 50%.

Terrence Siu, Head of IT|Group Director, Information Technology of Vita Green

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