Kidsland(LEGO Certified Store)

Kidsland(LEGO Certified Store) generated HK$600k revenue in 2 weeks after introducing OMO Sales

Kidsland introduced Omnichat to solve the retail pain points and achieve the centralised management of cross-channel messages, and auto-assignment to distribute conversations among frontline sales.

revenue generated in 2 weeks

Brand Story

Starting from 2001, Kidsland has cooperated with world-renowned toy brands, and become the authorised LEGO®️ retailer in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. There are currently 6 LEGO® certified stores in Hong Kong and Macau, allowing customers to enjoy creating LEGO masterpieces through the interactive experience.

to achieve business goals
24/7 Sales

With an official WhatsApp account, Kidsland’s business can be open 24/7. Customers can receive personalised service after binding to frontline sales via WhatsApp messages. The introduction of Omnichat increased sales by HK$600k in two weeks!

There was a customer who planned to use around $10k for Xmas gifts. After chatting with a salesperson via WhatsApp, he bought more than $100k of products. We generated $600k revenue in 2 weeks after introducing Omnichat.

Ching Yiu Lee, Chairman & CEO of Kidsland

Integrate CS resources

Through Omnichat’s one-stop management of WhatsApp, website live chat, etc., agents can quickly respond to customer enquiries and provide personalised service based on customer profiles and purchase records.

OMO Conversational Sales

Merging Online and Offline, the salespeople of Kidsland can easily recommend products to customers with a few clicks via messaging channels. Once customers complete the purchase, Omnichat’s system can automatically calculate the revenue of a specific salesperson.

Increased sales

Kidsland adopted Omnichat to integrate online and offline sales, and provide personalised sales services for boosting sales!

features used by the brand
Customer tags
Tag customers based on their behaviour such as browsing pages, clicking buttons, interacting with Chatbot, and purchasing items for remarketing.
Customer profile & Purchase record

Customer profiles such as Purchase record, Shopping cart, and WhatsApp contact can be checked from Omnichat system, facilitating team collaboration.

Automated Chatbot
Set up automated WhatsApp, FB, IG and LINE Chatbot to reduce customer waiting time.
OMO Sales
Online merging Offline sales. Frontline sales can conduct 1 on 1 selling anytime, anywhere.
Product Referral Link

Connecting with product feed, sales agents can send product referral links with a few clicks, which increases conversion rate.

I think online marketing & sales should be with warmth. Human-to-human interaction is essential.

Ching Yiu Lee, Chairman & CEO of Kidsland

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