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Acquire more potential customers and convert more sales by personalized 1-to-1 message campaigns
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Subscribe Visitors into Email, Facebook Messenger, LINE Contacts

Chat-based subscription pop-ups to your website visitors with incentives like promo codes, limited time discounts, VIP updates etc. that naturally convert anonymous visitors into valuable subscribers for Social Channels and Email, and connect visitors profiles with contact profiles.
  • Web pushed subscription for Facebook Messenger
  • Web pushed subscription for LINE Messenger
  • Custom Title & Captions for Pop-up messages
  • Custom Confirmation messages
  • Custom rules for pages url

Understand user behavior by tracking & connecting website & social

Omnichat tracks all your website visitors behaviors and conversations with customers of all channels. See what pages, categories of products, items your visitors are browsing and know their behaviors like first time visit, returned visit, hesitate in cart, and give up on checkout page
  • Website visitors live tracking
  • Geography data (eg. city, country)
  • Current and historical visit pages
  • Page view session time
  • Page view frequency

Push Targeted Messages on Website

Chat with your website visitors manually or automatically by giving them warm greetings, offer to help, personalized engagements, promo or ask for information based on what pages they browse and what products they are interested .
  • Promo code to first time visitor
  • VIP offers for returned customers
  • Chats with those who visit products multiple times
  • Discounts for customers who hesitate in checkout
  • Seasonal campaigns for specific pages or whole sites

Broadcast messages to FB, LINE, WhatsApp

Boost your sales by delivering personalized marketing messages to your customers’ favorite messenger channels that give you upto 90% open rate, 10x better click-through rates, and double your conversion.
  • Single message of image & texts
  • A flows of chatbot messages for FB & LINE
  • Template message broadcast for WhatsApp
  • Targeted broadcasts with advanced segmentation
  • Reports of broadcast campaigns

Grow more subscribers by Facebook Comment PM

Grow more Messenger subscribers by setting up automatic comment reply and private messages campaign like “reply +1” on your page feeds. Connect your page fan to messenger, then your website and finally convert them into customers.
  • Custom comment reply
  • Custom private message
  • Connection to chatbot flow
  • Reports & statistics for campaign performance

Build Tags & Segments by website behavior

Go beyond adding tags by chatbots, Omnichat allows you to tag your contacts based on their website behavior, like what pages, what products, what categories they have visited, how long they stay on specific pages, or if they have triggered any website marketing messages.
  • Support Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Email
  • Tag by rules eg. Url, session time, visit frequency
  • Multiple rules supported

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