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Communicate with your customers in real-time through the Website’s Live Chat. Integrate multiple communication channels to efficiently manage messages in one centralised inbox and increase interactions, creating a 5x conversion rate with ease.

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Interactive Conversations

Respond to customer enquiries promptly through Live Chat. Create your own Chatbot for automated customer service

Precision Marketing

Automatically trigger targeted marketing messages and re-engagement messages on WhatsApp and LINE based on customers browsing behaviour

Data tracking

Customer website browsing activity is tracked and linked to their identities across different channels, leveraging data analysis to increase sales revenu

Omnichannel Messaging Inbox

Utilise Website Live Chat to quickly address customer enquiries. Integrate WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and LINE Messages for centalised management, facilitating team collaboration.

Website Automated Remarketing

Track customers’ behaviour to trigger remarketing campaigns, including page views, frequency, duration, as well as actions like adding items to the shopping cart and completing purchases.

Collect audience segmentation tags and automate website popups or broadcast messages through WhatsApp, Facebook, and LINE to boost conversion rates!

24/7 No-code Chatbot

Create a Chatbot without coding, equipped with keyword auto responses to answer frequently asked questions. Reduce the workload of customer service and enhance operational efficiency.

Product Referral

Facilitate conversions by sending product information to customers with just a few clicks. Easily measure the performance of each store and staff with comprehensive data tracking.

System Integration

Integrate e-Commerce platforms and CRM membership systems to easily view shopping carts and order information, allowing you to answer customer enquiries efficiently.

Achieve a 10x Increase in Conversion Rates
with a ROAS of over 100%

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