Venchi utilised WhatsApp to achieve 2 times sales in VIP Week

Leveraging WhatsApp Chat Commerce, Venchi is empowered to communicate with their customers smoothly and seamlessly, delivering a personalised customer journey so as to create amazing tasting experiences.

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total vouchers sold via WhatsApp


enquiries are handled via Omnichat

Brand Story

Founded in 1878, Venchi is an Italian gourmet chocolate manufacturer whose century old tradition in ensuring quality and freshness in its products has led to a range of unique award winning chocolates. With more than 135 boutiques worldwide, Venchi creates everyday unforgettable moments of joy and celebration, fun and ‘Allegria’ for cocoa lovers.

to achieve business goals
Generate more sales with WhatsApp

By adopting Omnichat’s solutions, Venchi carried out its VIP week campaign via WhatsApp Broadcast.

Compared to SMS, the click rate of our broadcast message has increased by 5x. We have achieved 2x growth of the total vouchers sold.

Alvin Tang, Regional E-commerce Manager, APAC

WhatsApp Broadcast

During Venchi VIP Week, Venchi used WhatsApp Broadcast to blast out tailor-made messages for different target groups.


Omnichannel integration

90% of customer enquiries are handled via Omnichat, including messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and website live chat.

Thanks to the pre-set chatbot, customers can get instant responses on what they are looking for, for example, shop locations and operating hours.


2x total vouchers sold

Venchi utilised WhatsApp to sell products and cash coupons during VIP Week, increasing message click rate by 5x and achieving 2x growth of the total vouchers sold.

features used by the brand
Website Remarketing
Personalised promotional messages will be shown automatically based on customer browsing pages and dwell time.
One-stop Customer Service System

Centralised management of omni-channel messages from WhatsApp, FB, IG, LINE, WeChat to website live chat.

Broadcast WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE messages to target audience. Reports for reviewing revenue and click-through rate results are generated automatically.
Customer tags
Tag customers based on their behaviour such as browsing pages, clicking buttons, interacting with Chatbot, and purchasing items for remarketing.
Automated Chatbot
Set up automated WhatsApp, FB, IG and LINE Chatbot to reduce customer waiting time.

Through Omnichat, we can easily set up and carry out a campaign in a short period of time without major IT integration and additional resources.

Alvin Tang, Regional E-commerce Manager, APAC

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