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Benefit Cosmetics launched WhatsApp appointment of beauty services, boosted booking rate by 30%

Benefit integrated Omnichat into the service booking system so customers can make online reservations of its highly sought-after Brow & Lip Wax Service. This has resulted in a significant increase in the booking rate, which has risen by 30%.

enquiries are handled by automated Chatbot


increased booking rate

WhatsApp sticker

increase engagements

Brand Story

With a global presence of over 3,000 BrowBars, and a team of 5,000 adept beauty service professionals across 59 countries, Benefit not only tends to our eyebrow needs but also encourages us to embrace our confidence and have fun.

to achieve business goals
WhatsApp appointment of eyebrow wax service

Through Omnichat, Benefit has leveraged WhatsApp as one of its brow and lip wax service booking channels, bringing more convenience to customers.

By integrating Omnichat into the service booking system, Benefit enhanced the customer journey, providing them with a direct means of interacting with the brand and receiving prompt responses. The official launch of WhatsApp in January has already yielded remarkable results, with a 30% increase in the booking rate.

Sue Leung, Retail & Operations Manager of Benefit Cosmetics

WhatsApp booking service

Benefit has integrated its service appointment API with Omnichat, which enables automated broadcast of appointment confirmation and notification messages via WhatsApp, without the need for manual handling. Moreover, WhatsApp provides Benefit with an efficient platform to manage appointments and communicate with customers in real-time.

Interactive marketing campaign

Omnichat’s coupon module was utilised to redirect traffic from online to offline channels and attract new Benefit subscribers of Facebook Recurring Notifications. This feature enables brands to send free messages to customers who have subscribed, ensuring effective communication and engagement.

WhatsApp sticker

Benefit utilised Omnichat to automatically distribute its branded WhatsApp stickers to customers for holidays and special occasions through a QR code and link.

Increase booking rate by 30%

WhatsApp allows customers to schedule or modify bookings and inquire about service details at their convenience, increasing the booking rate by 30%.

features used by the brand
Broadcast WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE messages to target audience. Reports for reviewing revenue and click-through rate results are generated automatically.
Customer tags
Tag customers based on their behaviour such as browsing pages, clicking buttons, interacting with Chatbot, and purchasing items for remarketing.
Automated Chatbot
Set up automated WhatsApp, FB, IG and LINE Chatbot to reduce customer waiting time.
Available for online and offline stores. Support tracking, counting, and distribution quantity features. Exclusive coupons can be sent to VIPs by sales.

The marketing capabilities of Omnichat, including game modules and a WhatsApp Sticker Pack, have significantly amplified our brand awareness and fostered customer loyalty, leading to a remarkable 200% increase in business year-over-year.

Sue Leung, Retail & Operations Manager of Benefit Cosmetics

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