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Sa Sa Achieved 1000%+ Conversion Rate of Conversational Commerce

Thanks to the strategic deployment of OMO (online-merge-offline) Chat Commerce, Sa Sa’s website sales have increased by 400% YoY in the first quarter of 2022!

Higher conversion rate of chat commerce than other channels


website sales in the first quarter of 2022


enquiries are handled by automated chatbot

Brand Story

Sa Sa is a leading beauty product retailing group in Asia, running one-stop cosmetics specialty stores and selling diverse quality products. Sa Sa operates more than 200 retail stores in Asia, as well as provides customers with convenient shopping experience across multiple online platforms.

to achieve business goals
Boost sales

By recording, integrating and analysing customer data, Sa Sa segments its customers and achieves precision marketing. The conversion rate of conversational commerce is 1000%+ higher than other channels.

Sa Sa is able to build a more comprehensive customer database through online and offline data integration. The most important is that we can make use of big data to recommend their preferred products.

Hong Li, Director of eCommerce at Sa Sa International Holdings Limited

Reduce CS costs

Integrate multiple communication channels

By integrating WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Website Live Chat into Omnichat, Sa Sa can easily manage messages on one single platform, and establish a more effective two-way communication with customers.

Utilise automated Chatbot

To increase customer satisfaction levels, Sa Sa set up Chatbot and Keyword Auto Reply to provide timely responses. The system automatically forwarded customers’ special enquiries to Sa Sa’s professional beauty consultant team for follow-up. After working with Omnichat, 50% of enquiries are handled via automation and there was a 57% decrease in customer waiting times. With such remarkable results, Sa Sa has been selected as Meta’s success story in 2021.

Multiple customer touch points

Sa Sa integrated all customer touch points, merging online and offline communications and sales. E-commerce stores and social commerce (such as WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger) , and brick and mortar stores complement each other perfectly. 

Improved effectiveness

Leveraging Omnichat to improve marketing effectiveness, Sa Sa has achieved remarkable results, including:

1000%+ higher conversion rate of chat commerce than other channels
400%+ YOY website sales in the first quarter of 2022
50% of customer enquiries are handled by automated chatbot
features used by the brand
Abandoned Cart Remarketing

Automatically send WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook messages to remind customers of unchecked items.

Website Remarketing
Personalised promotional messages will be shown automatically based on customer browsing pages and dwell time.
One-stop Customer Service System

Centralised management of omni-channel messages from WhatsApp, FB, IG, LINE, WeChat to website live chat.

Broadcast WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE messages to target audience. Reports for reviewing revenue and click-through rate results are generated automatically.
Customer tags
Tag customers based on their behaviour such as browsing pages, clicking buttons, interacting with Chatbot, and purchasing items for remarketing.
Customer profile & Purchase record

Customer profiles such as Purchase record, Shopping cart, and WhatsApp contact can be checked from Omnichat system, facilitating team collaboration.

Automated Chatbot
Set up automated WhatsApp, FB, IG and LINE Chatbot to reduce customer waiting time.
OMO Sales
Online merging Offline sales. Frontline sales can conduct 1 on 1 selling anytime, anywhere.
Available for online and offline stores. Support tracking, counting, and distribution quantity features. Exclusive coupons can be sent to VIPs by sales.
5 interactive games are available: Scratch-off tickets, Lucky wheel, Jackpot, Draw lots, Gashapon, enhancing customer shopping experience.

The greatest advantage of chat commerce is to retain customers. If we continue our conversations with customers, we will not lose the business that originally belonged to us.

Hong Li, Director of eCommerce at Sa Sa International Holdings Limited

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