Omnichannel Messaging

Manage all chats and messages in one place for your website and major messaging channels including FB Messengers, LINE, WhatsApp etc.
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All-in-One Message Inbox

Engage with customers anywhere, anytime by managing their conversations from your website, messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp for better communications and more sales.
  • Integrate Website and Social channels
  • Customer Profile and Shopping Behaviors
  • Team Collaboration with Chat Status
  • Human-bot handoff
  • Complete Searchable, Filtered by Channel & Tag
  • Saved Reply (Canned Message)

Web Messenger with Live Chat & Bots built for Sales & Marketing

Instant chat with visitors on your website and convert them into loyal customers with personalized communications and scale with automated messages like warm greetings, promotions, and product recommendations etc.
  • Easy set up on any site or via GTM
  • Website Live Chat
  • Website Chatbot
  • Collect Email & offline notification
  • Custom Widget

Integrate with Facebook Messenger

With 1.3 billion FB Messenger users worldwide, you are able engage with your customers from this favorite channel for customer supports, sales and marketing. Omnichat also allows you to grow subscribers with advanced segmentation for by social profiles, tags, and shopping behaviors by connected to their web activities.
  • 1 to 1 Chat
  • Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Tag & Segment by Live Chat, Bot & Web behaviors
  • Facebook Page Comment Auto Reply
  • Segmented Broadcast
  • Custom Persistent Menu

Integrate with LINE Official Account

LINE is essential to membership management and Omnichat makes it better by building advanced segments for your LINE contacts. Greet them with promo, send them personalized messages and chat for more sales by knowing your customers’ interests, shopping behaviors and remind them for shopping cart hesitation.
  • 1 to 1 Chat
  • LINE Bot
  • Tag & Segment by Live Chat, Bot & Web behaviors
  • Segmented Broadcast
  • Custom Rich Menu

Integrate with WhatsApp Business API

Reach 1.5 billion active users by integrating WhatsApp Business API to Omnichat. Give your customers the best communication experience served by multiple agents, and send them personalized messages by segmented contacts.
  • Multiple Agent for Customer Care
  • Personalized Greeting & Auto Reply
  • Automated Chat Flow by Keyword
  • Template Message for Segmented Broadcast

Chatbots for all customer channels

Build custom bots deployed to your website and social messengers to avoid your customers from waiting. Chatbots free up your team’s time by working 24/7 to identify more customers, convert sales and handle frequent enquiries.
  • Build in minutes with Chatbot Builder
  • Keyword Automation
  • Work Perfect with Human Agent
  • Automated Tag & Segment
  • Acquire Users, Engage & Sell

Reports & Analytics

A clean dashboard that shows an overview of how many chat cases you have every day, how your customers engage with your team, and what channels are the most popular, and how efficient is your team in supporting customers.
  • Number of Chats
  • Chat Stat for Case Progress
  • Chat Stat for Multiple Channels
  • Response Time
  • Agent’s Support Activity
  • Custom Period

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